Orders & Payments

Question Can I change the address of my order?
AnswerYes, you can! Go to your orders and change the shipping or billing address. But, make sure you change it before the order is dispatched.
Question Can I add or remove items from my order?
AnswerAlso possible. Please make sure to send us by email at care@missjd.com the order number and the change you would like to do. We would highly recommend that you cancel the order and place a new one with changed specifications. And, make sure you do all of this before the order is dispatched.
Question Can I cancel my order?
AnswerAnytime before it is dispatched. Once it is dispatched, you need to create a return. Check Shipping & Returns on how to create a return. We are working with our mailing partners to be able to cancel the order at anytime, but till then that’s what we can offer.
Question Can I buy a voucher in a form of a gift?
AnswerWe are glad to make your friends and family happy. We offer online vouchers from 50 Euros to 200 Euros. We will send you an instant email with the voucher code. You can buy them at Gift Cards.
Question Can you gift wrap an item?
AnswerSure thing! Just send us an email with the order number at care@missjd.com before it is dispatched. We are making the system handle these requests automatically, so hang in there with us.
Question How do discounts/coupons work?
AnswerFair pricing and occasional discounts are like early Christmas. Depending on the occasion, we offer discount codes that you can apply at the cart check out. You can only apply one discount at a time. And you can definitely apply a discount/coupon code and a gift card for the same order.