Our Jewelry

Question What’s my ring size?
AnswerGlad you asked. We made a page with a reasonable and accurate way to find your perfect fit. All you need is an existing ring that fits your lucky finger. (coming soon)
Question What size should I choose for my chain ring?
AnswerOh that’s the tricky part. There are some chain types that do not allow enough stretch. Therefore, for a perfect fit, you might need a bigger size. But do not worry! For each chain ring, we display sizing information for you to make the right decision.

Plus, do not forget that we offer “Buy now, Pay later” feature – which means that you can order more sizes and keep only the one that fits like a charm.

Question What are the materials you use?
AnswerThe mission of building MissJD was to use sustainable materials like gold and precious stones that never loose value. We produce mostly in 14K or 18K solid gold. We recommend that daily items are worn in 14K, since it consists only of 58.5% gold and the rest is composed by other alloys which strengthens the gold and makes it more resistant.

If based on your previous experiences, 14K still gives you skin discomfort of allergies then we would recommend you to buy 18K.

Question Are your precious stones collected from conflict free areas?
AnswerTotally! Our precious stones are collected from closely government and industry supervised countries. Mainly, our precious stones are collected in Thailand as one of the world’s major gems and jewelry centers.
Question How delicate is a chain ring?
AnswerNot as delicate as they look. These pieces feel light and great once you manage to put them on. Depending on the chain type there are different ways of putting a chain ring on. If the chain is made of beads that’s easy, just keep rolling and make sure that it is not too loose. If the chain has a flat structure, it needs a bit of a push until you passed it over the knuckle.

We recommend using chain rings in your everyday routine. If you are doing intensive sports, maybe take them off before, so you will not risk breaking and tearing.

Question Where do you craft your jewelry?
AnswerThanks for asking and caring about this fact. We are running two supply chains at the moment. In Vienna we craft all chain work and development of new products. Items which include precious stones, are mainly produced in Bangkok, one of the most recognized centers of jewelry and gemstones resources in the world, which allows us to offer you fashionable affordable luxury.
Question What does fair pricing means?
AnswerFair pricing means that we are beating the market price by cutting any middle men and wholesaler markups. The way we calculate our prices is by including the costs and a small markup to invest on marketing and future improvements. The costs are reviewed several times to cut any unnecessary expense. We buy from the source and we produce in-house. While growing, we hope to be able to lower our costs and offer a better deal for our customers.
Question Do I have to care about my gold jewelry?
AnswerIf you are as lazy as me, you can definitely keep your gold pieces in your daily routine like shower, pool, beach, gym, cooking and more. But care a little especially for items with stones. When you are not wearing your jewelry, please store them safely in your jewelry box or pouches.
Question Do you have any store where I can check the jewelry in person?
AnswerWe wish but for the moment we sell only through the online store. We are planning to launch a pop-up agenda which will allow us to connect with our customers.
Question Do you offer warranty?
AnswerWe offer lifetime warranty in cases of manufacturing defects in material or craftsmanship. Unfortunately, this warranty does not cover damages or scratches caused by accident.What we also do not cover is the case of normal wear and tear, improper use or care, or neglecting how or where you store the items.