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Stand alone or stackable, this handmade wire ring is your stacking queen.

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Gold is one of the least reactive chemical elements which makes this metal precious and hard to oxidize or change color.  We use only solid gold based on 14k or 18k purity, which gives you the comfort and freedom to wear it independent of your lifestyle.

14k vs 18k
The only difference between the two purity is the amount of pure gold. The maximum gold purity that exists in one piece consists of 24 parts. So, when you buy a 14k piece means that you are buying 14/24 parts pure gold. The other 10 parts are a mixture of different alloys (metals) which increase the durability of the natural soft gold. In the case of 18k, you are buying 18/24 parts pure gold which makes your jewelry a little softer, easier to bend or wear out in comparison to 14k. Therefore, we recommend for daily wear and active lifestyle 14k.

We don’t believe in charts which tell you what color suits your skin best. We recommend that you give a try all gold colors and determine what feels right for you and looks amazing through your eyes.

Color and Carat
White gold – There is no difference in the looks between a 14k and 18k white gold piece. Each piece is coated with a protective Rhodium layer which gives a near-white gleaming coating. To maintain its original luster and beauty, it is recommended to re-dip the jewelry in Rhodium periodically. Or what you can do at home is to scrub it lightly with a toothbrush and warm water.

Yellow & Rose Gold – 18k items tend to be a tiny lighter in color than 14k. To maintain the original beauty, scrub it lightly with a toothbrush and warm water.

1. Quick Measurement

Select an existing ring that you or your partner have.
Hopefully, you have a ruler at home 😉 .
Measure only the inner diameter of the ring as visualized.

2. Find your approx. Size

Inner Diameter in MM
Enter any number from 14 - 23
Your Size

3. Home Try-on

If you are not sure what your real size is, we recommend that you order a couple of sizes to try at home.

In order to optimize our product development workflows and reduce waste, we produce only based on your needs. Made for you gives you the unique option to customize your piece to your preferences.

If the piece of your choice is not in stock, please allow us 2-4 weeks to produce it for you and deliver it to you.

If the item of your choice is in stock, we will ship it within 2 working days from Vienna. We offer free shipping for purchases over €150 and a minimal charge for orders with a lower value.

Miss JD will not rest as long as you have the perfect size and design. We accept returns and exchanges for any piece of its original condition within 30 days of delivery – no questions asked. Unfortunately, for the moment we offer only free returns for orders within Austria. To receive a return label please email care@missjd.com

As we grow our business with your support, we plan to improve the shipping and return policies. The online shop will reflect these updates and hopes to reach a broader audience.


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